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Fab City Hamburg is a new organization involved in a wide range of activities and with a growing network. Whether you're in school or university, an entrepreneur, working professional or maker – we're happy to hear from anyone interested in our vision for making Hamburg a 'Fab City'. On this page you'll find an introduction to the different ways to connect and get on board!

Fab City Chat

We like to communicate using the “Matrix” messaging platform. We use it to talk to each other and organize what we do. The platform has over 60 million users worldwide, runs in all common web browsers, and is available as an app for iOS and Android. In the topic-based “rooms” (like Slack or Discord channels), you can get to know many of the active members of the community directly and share your questions and ideas with everyone.

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Our Chatrooms

  • Room: FCHH Welcome – Our community channel with 350+ participants. If you have questions and want to get involved: Come on in, introduce yourself and have a look around.
  • Room: FCOS – Follow the development and demo sessions of the Fab City Operating System (FCOS), which is part of the INTERFACER project. Get involved!
  • Room: Knowledge Hub – Learn about the development of an open knowledge-sharing platform for makers, entrepreneurs, designers, artisans, producers, researchers, and more. Take a look at how we’ve gotten started and join in.

Fab City Haus

This is a research and learning space for local and open production. Fab City Haus puts innovation, research, and education for digital production under one roof. If you have an idea that you would like to work on using a 3D printer, if you’re interested in one of our workshops, or if you just want to visit the space and get to know us: please do get in touch. Due to ongoing research projects, the facilities are not publicly accessible per se or staffed all the time. This means that there are not regular opening hours and there are not always Fab City representatives on site.

Floorplan and who to contact

A community workspace in Hamburg’s Speicherstadt

Fab City Events

To get to know the active members of the Fab City network, attend one of our workshops or networking events. If you’re a beginner, you might consider attending the prototyping office hours or creating your first plastic figurines in a 3D printing workshop.

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We're still working on this – the event calendar is currently under construction.

Fab Friday

Looking for a casual place to discuss ideas and network? Then Fab Friday is the right place for you! It takes place every two weeks, often in person, but always online. Find out the current location in the “FCHH Welcome Room” (see above) or log in using “Big Blue Button”. Join us, listen in, or participate – it’s up to you. If there is a topic that you’d really like to talk about, we can offer a spot to hold a 30-minute session to present (your project, your idea, whatever). Sound good? See you at the next Fab Friday!

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Our community get-together with fresh inspiration every two weeks.

Fab City Newsletter

Get the latest info and insights from the Hamburg maker scene and the global Fab City movement about once a month in your inbox. It’s pretty great, if you ask us. Don’t miss out: subscribe to our newsletter now!

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Fab City Socials

Last but not least, we are also on social media. With such an active community, we could write and share so many exciting stories. We’ll start publishing a few highlights from the network of local and international thinkers, makers, and innovators on Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms.

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Jennifer organizes Fab Friday and other Fab City events. Drop her a line by email or send her a message on Matrix if you want to introduce yourself and your ideas, and if you’re interested in networking.

She’s also happy to help you get started in the community!

Jennifer Wilke

Jennifer Wilke

Project Manager

Fab City Hamburg e.V.