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What are OERs?
Fab Friday with Axel Dürkop

What are OERs?

In digital times, educational materials develop their full impact when they are free, copyable and changeable. Under the abbreviation OER (Open Educational Resources), a movement has therefore also been developing in Germany for several years that likes to share knowledge and make it available on the Internet. Axel Dürkop is an expert on OERs and conducts research at the Technical University of Hamburg. He visited us at our Fab Friday event.

Open Educational Resources at FabCity Friday

  1. November 2022, Hamburg, Jupiter #Frei-Fläche:

At Fab Friday, Axel Dürkop uses his own projects to show how software and hardware can be documented in a collaborative and participatory way.

After a short introduction of the OER movement, its actors, values and goals, a lively exchange ensued. We have documented the most important links:

History and background

OER Initiatives

OER examples


Thank you for the interest and the exciting questions!

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